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Even if the negative effects of sexual promiscuity are entirely due to genetics, it is individually "evolutionarily adaptive" for each man to choose a partner who is both genetically and culturally better suited for long-term family relationships.

You can make an analogy with crime: we know that criminal tendencies are inherent in human genetics, but this does not change the fact that no one wants to live next door to a gangster.

In addition, I think that men who seriously value "female honor" are looking for more than just one virginity in women. If such a man was offered a feminist who is a virgin, because she is ugly, very neurotic, hates men and spends a lot of time on Twitter - I think such a man refused with surprise in the spirit of "what kind of shit?". Obviously, along with the "feminine honor" of virginity, such a conservative man would like other qualities, both useful for serious marital relations and pleasant to him personally.(a woman's complaisance, her pro-family orientation, and so on)

By the way, I have heard that the genetic inheritance of the age of first sexual intercourse has grown greatly since the 1960s. What do you think about it?

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Figure 1 is weird. A body count of 2.5 has a higher chance of divorce than a 9. This may be a binary situation. One is either chaste (0-1 partners) or not (2.5 and higher)

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The bottom line is that if you find out a girl has a high n-count its going to lower your evaluation of her long term prospects all other things held equal.

High n-count girls don't want to hear this. Rationalizations and attempts to obscure this socially follow.

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Trying to infer pair-bonding ability from divorce rates is pretty questionable. You're probably really measuring 'do they make good decisions about when to get married'. I'd have thought a better indicator of impaired pair-bonding was the inability to convert sexual relationships into marriages in the first place.

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