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You can estimate politically neutral estimates by regressing the value on the political views, and predicting the value at political centrism. I've used this approach in a number of analyses. This will probably change the rank-ordering quite a bit, primarily by fixing the issue with Noah Smith and Matt Yglesias.

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Such a interesting data

1. Newton on top with 160, but I think it's underestimate. Crude and conservative calculation: he had greatest amount of scientific achievements among 100 millions Europeans in his century. It's around 5.6 z score. If we use 0.8 as correlation between IQ and scientific achievements, that give us 100+15*(5.6/0.8)=168 IQ.

2. Sailer and Cochrane IQ estimates surprisingly don't correlate with right wing attitudes. And I don't expected such backlash against Noah Smith.

3. People estimate their father IQ higher than mother. It can be explained in two ways: they overestimate father intelligence, or it's just effect of negative correlation between IQ and fertility in woman.

4. Self IQ is a bit of overestimate, but it's in line with Lesswrong and SSC average IQ

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