>linking to a popsci article rather than the underlying source material

For shame.

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Personal experience suggests to me that 1v1 fighting games can be incredibly g-loaded, probably more than RTS like SC2. At least, rank ordering my peers by intuitive impressions of their intelligence growing up always returned perfect concordance with rank ordering of fighting game prowess. This just wasn't the case with RTS games - that's actually something that made RTS fun, occasional outside wins by the little guy. With fighting games though, forget it, just turn on the handicap.

I will admit that one thing that help RTS games, though, and that is the limitation in species or factions to choose from. Terran are Terran, Protoss are Protoss, Zerg are Zerg, and with only two or three options for players, developers have a pretty good chance to balance them. But balancing fighting games with huge rosters is incredibly difficult.

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