I think there is a typo:

"Old SAT: there’s a rumor that the old SAT is much better than the new one, which is probably not true, as the correlation between IQ and SAT scores was the same in the NLSY79 (taken in 1975-1982) and the NLSY79 (taken in 1996-2002). "

I think the second "NLSY79" should be "NLSY97".

Also, the received wisdom (as espoused by respected HBD commentators like Steve Sailer) is that it's the 2017 redesign that *really* screwed up the g-loading of the SAT. Unfortunately, I don't believe there has been any studies on g-loading/psychometric properties of the post-2017 SAT test, so we don't know for sure if the new test is worse at measuring intelligence. But the circumstantial evidence does point in that direction. It's since 2017 that we've seen the massive rise in Asian test scores, indicating that the current test is more amenable to test-prep (which implies a lower g-loading).

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Where would you put the GRE on this list? Do you know any conversion methods for GRE score to IQ?

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There's not as much literature on the GRE as there is on the SAT, which makes matters difficult. I would assume that the correlation between the GREV/GREQ and IQ is the same as the correlation between the SATV/SATM and IQ, but the problem is that GRE test-takers are already a selected population to begin with - they are college graduates going to grad school who have the confidence to take the test itself.

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