It scored me about 1.5 points above my avg of the three group factors. Could just be that verbal is weighted more heavily than the two other subtests (although I scored pretty badly on the verbal one so the same should apply to me. I let cookies expire and closed the tab so I also can't see what happens when I refresh).

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In general this is not always the case. Here I provide an abstract argument:

Let A and B both be uncorrelated tests with mean 0 and SD 1. Then we devise some test C which is merely the summed score of A and B. Then C has mean 0 and SD 1.414.

Now say that your score on each test A and B is +1. Your summed score on C is 2, which, normalized to C's SD, is itself a z-score of 1.414, significantly higher than your score on A and B - and this is *fine.* Each subtest adds more information about you as a candidate. After all, it's not likely for most people to achieve +1 for both subtests A and B; the chance for this is only 2.5%. So even though A and B may not be that strongly "C-loaded," you're still somewhat far out on the overall C-distribution.

But in terms of this specific test? Oh, who knows. Forget all these tests, you're as smart as I say you are. (*Everyone* is as smart as I say they are.)

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