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Events in the last 10-15 years have made me believe there is little political contradiction between HBD and politics. As an example there was a long debate about how the GOP could win over Hispanics/immigrants if it became the pro-immigration party. This view got completely eviscerated. Support from minorities bottomed with Romney (hyper establishment pro immigrant) and swelled under Trump/DeSantis (build a wall, fly em to Martha's Vineyard).

So it seems completely possible to be anti-immigration while trying to maximize GOP vote share in the immediate term (in fact it may be positively correlated, immigrants hate immigrants).

As far as practical politics on the budget is concerned the GOP may finally be willing to admit that SS/Medicare is doing to bankrupt us and stop wasting political capital on it. Try to spend what capital is left on your friends and allies faster, the reset is going to happen on day anyway no matter what.

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