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Good pushback. Thoughts on this: https://richardhanania.substack.com/p/the-east-asian-package/comments? I feel like it’s better to explicitly state things rather than troll like that.

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Great article! I thought his take on the MSM was atrocious but the one about anonymity is so bad I wonder if he is saying it in good faith.

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Sorry but I can't take it seriously if someone really thinks that IQ scores in Africa are in the 60-70 range...that would mean that most people there are mentally challenged...

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You ignored something:

--Non-White voters drag down the Democrats, so when looking at only Whites the left has a consistent lead in intelligence, but it’s pretty small. However, it is true that extreme liberal Whites are the smartest group with a mean of 107 IQ versus their counterparts extreme conservative Whites with a mean of 98.5, close to a 10 IQ gap.


--Conservatism is really unclear and variable thing. American Conservatives arent like Afghan conservatives.

-- More conservative countries have high fertility.



-- Conservative/right-wing parties won in many countries since 1980. You should consider all world not only USA. Examples: Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, India, Russia.






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A couple of points to defend H*nania:

1. He specifically claims that the "online right" is low IQ. He is likely referring to Breitbart boomer types who would fall into the "extremely conservative" category. The IQ gap between these types and the liberal/extremely liberal NPR listeners is more than 10 points, which is quite substantial.

2. I also think it is unfair to use libertarians to shore up the right's IQ, because H*nania has said that he agrees with libertarians on almost everything. So when he talks about the online right he is specifically referring to the populist, Trumpist right.

I agree with your other points.

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Great post.

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