Are you sure you have the layers right? Or perhaps they're calibrated to Millennials and Gen Z? For instance, Europeans being a combination of 3 groups (meme I level 8) and IQ correlating with brain waves (meme II bottom level) are things a few normies know about, while race and attractiveness (meme I level 5) is something most normies are uncomfortably aware of, and a strong theme among obnoxious level 2's. Meanwhile PCA (meme i level 3) is a pretty technical concept, and I have no idea what a lot of the middle layer is. Cremieux? 13/60? Strenze meta-analysis?

Most interesting was the claim that rationalists are closet hereditarians, which I strongly doubt - they're pretty left leaning. Shame you didn't have a source substantiating that one. (Also you missed some bottom level facts which I, uh... wouldn't know anything about)

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