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Nice to see you here, the old blog is also gold

A thought on agency and ignorance, and the relationship with other things:

1. a desire for agency is a uniquely middle class problem, since they have spare resources and choices, but not enough options https://archive.ph/LnVKu

2. a desire to "care" is a uniquely middle management problem, and that it happens when scaling is needed when strategic thinking and routine operations are sorted out https://archive.ph/xVhS4

3. When the desire to optimize, and the need to "care" coincides, you get "mount piety" behavior, where the default option is used to eat away social energy for other causes https://theredqueen.substack.com/p/dunning-kruger-power-effect

4. This manifests as the "CSI effect" and other patterns of thought https://thepillarist.com/brief-genealogy-of-the-midwit/

Extra: "Engineer's Syndrome" and "Curse of Development" follows similar lines of logic https://www.velcro-city.co.uk/epistemic-humility-vs-the-engineers-disease/ https://www.ribbonfarm.com/2010/04/14/the-gervais-principle-iii-the-curse-of-development/

P.S. Obligatory link bombs here (will need an update soon tho) https://novum.substack.com/p/elite-overproduction-a-story-of-russia/comment/7119404

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