Wordpress ate my comment when I tried to respond to your post estimating Scott Alexander's IQ, so I will just post my comment here:

This whole analysis is off, but the second paragraph is verifiably wrong. You take Scott’s self-deprecation too seriously.

He scored a 1540 on his SATs (V800; M740) and a 30 on his MCAT.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/slatestarcodex/comments/8e2838/ama_request_with_scott/

This method of estimating IQ–using high school SAT scores–will *always* yield an underestimate for intellectual outliers–especially intellectual outliers with assymetric cognitive profiles. Once you get past IQ 145, you have to incorporate qualitative evidence into the analysis. This may not seem as “objective” as regressing on high school test scores, but it’s necessary nonetheless.

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Already went over this on Twitter but Yarvin's and Yud's estimates are ridiculously bloated. Yud's upper bound should be 143; I'd put his median estimate with Scott. Yarvin could go as low as 120 as I have explained. His writing is worse than Scott and Yud's as well so it would make sense. https://twitter.com/BronskiJoseph/status/1639665822023950336?s=20

My list:

Kanye West: 116

Aella: 119

Curtis Yarvin: 120

Scott Alexander: 125

Eliezer Yudkowsky: 125


Magnus Carlsen: 146

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i'll take the under on Aella, Kanye, Magnus and Yarvin. I'll take the over on Yud, Light, and probably Scott.

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